Christian Community Development


Project URGE is a member of the Christian Community Development Association [CCDA] because of our close alignment with their mission. Project URGE has sponsored CCDA workshops, training and sent leaders and potential leaders to their conferences. The information we have obtained, assimilated and brought to our members from CCDA has been an invaluable resource for accomplishing our mission. Guests have included: Dr. John Perkins, Noel Castellanos (CEO of CCDA), Dr. Jimmy Dorrell and others.

Project URGE encourages all our affiliates to take advantage of CCDA resource materials and training opportunities. Please visit their website at

About CCDA


As members of this national group, we have attended multiple CCDA conferences which have offered 100's of workshops on ways to effectively accomplish goals in urban ministry related to economic development, working with the homeless and under-resourced, racial-reconciliation, becoming entrepreneurial, and much more.

In April of 2007, Project URGE hosted CCDA Institute classes here in Rochester. It was a two-day event that sponsored four comprehensive courses on: Urban/Suburban Partnerships; Youth Development; Economic Development in the Hood; and Wholistic Ministry.

In 2005 Dr. John Perkins and Cross Culture from Sandtown/Baltimore area had visited and conducted workshops here; then in 2010 Dr. Wayne Gordon, co-founder of CCDA spoke at the P & T and held workshops. In 2011 we had Dr. Perkins (John & Vera Mae Perkins Foundation/CCDA), Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner (Skinner Institute/CCDA) and Jim Swearingen (Exec. Director for Buffalo Christian Center/CCDA), speak and give workshops.

We have also used our association with CCDA for information and contacts relative to specific urban ministry initiatives we are pursuing. In the summer of 2008, Noel Castellanos (CEO) spoke at our Fundraiser Dinner and our morning Community Forum. He also led the Project URGE board and leaders in a strategy building session at Risego.

We continue to send people from our area to both national and regional CCDA conferences as well as to invite nationally-recognized CCDA experts to come here to lead urban ministry-focused events in Rochester. More information will be available soon about our next Project URGE sponsored/CCDA affiliated event this fall.