Diversity Café

The Diversity Café group (formerly a men's group) is now open to everyone. We are from several churches, both urban and suburban and have been meeting together for the past year. This community came together out of a perceived need for faithful men and women of different cultures and races to build relationships with one another. Martin Luther King, Jr. famously commented on the segregated state of Sunday morning. In this, Sunday morning obviously holds a mirror up to the week that follows it. Without intentionally coming together, this will not change and we will continue to live in the broken world of racial and cultural division. Our mission going forward is to continue nurturing and expanding  the relationships that have developed within this group—for these are healing us every time we meet. Love is a power that overcomes estrangement. Diversity Café is all about overcoming estrangement and living out Paul's words, "There is no more Jew nor Greek, male nor female, we are all one in Christ Jesus."