Frequently Asked Questions


What are some of the ways Project URGE encourages collaboration among urban and suburban churches and other community organizations?

  • Project URGE hosts at least four Networking/Collaborative/Training meetings each year which provide a place for building relationships among people from different churches, non-profits organizations, and other community groups for those involved in urban ministry in Rochester. Meetings increase awareness of needs, provide opportunities for discussion and better understanding of issues, and lay a foundation for collaborative work across social, economic, denominational and racial divides.

  • We also host two social events annually: an annual dinner and a summer picnic, which also foster networking and relationship building.

What are some benefits of being affiliated with Project URGE, Inc.?

  • As a Project URGE affiliate, your organization can participate in general meetings and reap the benefits of the information, discussion, and connection those meetings provide.

  • As an affiliate your organization can be included in the annual Presentation & Tour where your organization can showcase your ministry to potential volunteers and financial supporters.

  • As an affiliate your organization can receive volunteer help when churches and schools contact Project URGE looking for opportunities to serve.

  • As an affiliate you can receive monthly email updates of local ministry events as well as send your event information out to others.

  • As an affiliate you can be part of our community forums and workshops for education, discussion, and sharing with others who share your passion for serving those in need.

Where is Project URGE's office/headquarters?

  • Project URGE, Inc. office is at 1 Favor Street, Rochester, NY 14608. Our phone number is (585) 348-8596.

  • General meetings are held primarily in the city, hosted by urban churches and affiliates. Although our focus is on urban ministry, many individuals and church representatives from outside the city come to meetings and support our ministry efforts.

How is Project URGE supported?

  • We are primarily financially supported by donations from churches and individuals.

  • We are a 501 (c) (3) organization.

Do you screen volunteers?

  • We do ask our regular volunteers with Project URGE to complete a volunteer application which includes providing personal references. We also ask regular volunteers to sign off on a liability waiver to ensure that volunteers know that we do not provide any kind of medical or disability insurance in case of injury. Project URGE affiliates are responsible for any screening of volunteers who are specific to their programs.