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If you wish to be included in our Project URGE E-briefs, just email us and give us your name, organization (if you have one) and we'll add your e-address to our list. We do not sell or distribute our e-lists. E-briefs are sent a couple times per month, letting people know what is happening in the community around community development, networking, workshops, and new initiatives around poverty and racism.

Contact: ProUrge@aol.com

Check out recent coverage by Messenger Post Media of our Collaborative Workshops.

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Since our primary mission is to connect people and organizations in serving those in need, communication is a key focus for our organization. We periodically put together ministry booklets and DVDs that can be shared with potential volunteers and financial supporters at churches and within the community.  

While the content of the video below is approximately five years old and several ministries have grown or gone through changes in direction, the emphasis of URGE has not changed. We think you will find the content informative and we hope to update the content sometime in 2017.

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